Postgresql Upgrade 9.6 to 10


PostgreSQL community is very busy developing the worlds leading opensource relation database. Every few years a new version is available with many new features, improvements and bug fixes. In this article we will go through an upgrade procedure for postgresql version 9.6 to version 10. Minor downtime is required.

SSH Tunnel


The case is very common. You have a database server (PostSQL/MySQL) running on a VPS with a public IP and you need to access it from your local machine or your cloud based BI tool. Publicly exposing PostgreSQL/MySQL isn’t the brightest thing to do so why not tunnel it at least though SSH.

PostgreSQL Readonly User


When you create a user in postgresql, even with only select only permission, your user has a lot more privileges.

Its Been a Year

Its been almost a year since I started this blog and I have posted a few posts only…I will quote something from Futurama to self critisize my lazyness…here it goes:

Migrate Docker registry to kubernetes with Azure Blob Storage backend


Running statefull services on k8s is something that many people do, but everyone will agree that running staless is a lot easier and fun. In the case of docker registry its not possible to be stateless, but the storage can be decoupled from the actual deployment and be served by another service like Azure Blob Storage.

About me


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